1942 WC 26 1/2 Ton Carryall

The following story is the account of a Father and Son on a mission to recover a lost piece of WWII history from a neighboring township. Once we had the Carryall safely stored in my shop, my son Dylan and I sat down at the computer and jointly authored this 21st century literary masterpiece. We shared a few good laughs as we wrote down our experience. We hope you enjoy the story.

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Family Project - 1965 POWER WAGON

The hill we were climbing seemed a lot steeper than it had the day before. The night was dark with no help from a moon hidden behind multiple cloud layers. The blinding snow obscured the painted lines on the pavement, and the turns were more like switchbacks than curves. The semi behind me was way too close for comfort. Even with the trailer brakes set at the highest possible setting, the heavy old 1965 Dodge Power Wagon on the trailer behind me was still trying to push me around on the mountain pass we were crossing.

   I was already thinking a stop over in Golden, British Columbia, might be in order when my wife Tracey suggested just that. Our three children instantly agreed that we should get a room at a hotel that had a pool and hot tub, and even my 2001 Dodge half ton 4x4 I was driving seemed to agree with the general consensus to stop. We were all quite relieved to see the lights of Golden appear in the distance a few miles later.

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